“At Least Ovi Scored” Is a Silver Lining in Any Caps Loss

Posted November 4, 2021

(Caps Outsider)

When I watch a Caps game, I’m not just rooting for the team to win, but I’m rooting for story-worthy things to happen, such rookies scoring their first NHL goals (as Connor McMichael did Thursday), a Gordie Howe hat-trick (there’s only been one in nearly a decade), and other fun things that make a game noteworthy beyond the W. But lately, an Alex Ovechkin goal – which has always been exciting – feels even more special as he climbs the all-time goal leaderboard. If a loss happens, as it did Thursday in Florida against the Panthers in overtime, the effort doesn’t seem wasted because Ovi scored (nevermind the loser point). Ovi getting his 740th career goal, one behind Brett Hull on the all-time goal list, feels like a victory, despite the loss. Right?

Obviously, an Ovi goal doesn’t need to be in competition in our hearts with a Caps victory, as one often leads to the other. But watching Ovi chase history in the final quarter of his career is a show none of us have seen before, which makes Washington Capitals Season 47 must-see-TV. We love a Caps win, sure, but we’re not getting elated that the victory puts them one step higher on the all-time NHL victory list. Maybe we’ll feel that way by Season 100 or so.

Here’s an interesting stat: Ovi has scored more goals than the Caps have won during his tenure, 740 to 694, so it’s rarer for the Caps to win than for Ovi to score a goal. And keep in mind, Ovi is so popular that he has fans who only tune in to watch him score, and don’t care if the Caps win. Lucky them.

Sometimes we watch a movie for the acting, whether it’s a classic or a dud. Like our favorite actor in any movie, Ovi is sure to deliver a special performance.

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