Celebrating an Alex Ovechkin Hat Trick

Posted December 11, 2018

Brett Connolly gets a hat. (Caps Outsider)

Alex Ovechkin scored three goals on Tuesday for his first hat trick since 11/25/2017. It wasn’t the prettiest three-goal performance by the Great 8, as his first shot went way wide and bounced in, his second goal was pretty, and his third was on a shot that the goalie really should’ve had. But whatever.

The story here is Brett Connolly. He went fishing for one of the hats that was thrown on the ice, took it off his stick, appeared to examine it for a minute, then like a fish that was too small, he tossed it back.

Perhaps it wasn’t a Caps hat.

Brett Connolly takes the hat off of his stick.

Brett Connolly examines the hat.

Brett Connolly tosses the hat back.