Nationals Have a Caps Rally Helmet

Posted May 1, 2021

A couple of years ago, the Capitals introduced a Nationals hard hat of the game, where after wins a player is crowned for his efforts.

This season, the Caps returned the favor to the Nats, sending them a generic hockey helmet, according to The Post’s Samantha Pell. They put the number ’21’ on it for 2021.

After left fielder Kyle Schwarber hit a walkoff homer on Friday for the second time this month, he wore the helmet.

“Caps. Big hockey team. Rally helm. Gotta love it,” Schwarber said while wearing it during media interviews. “I guess it just came out today. It made its first appearance today. Happy to be wearing it, especially right now. Big one.”

The Caps no longer use the Nats rally helm, as their change up their award every year. This season, they’re giving out the Cobra Kai headbands of the game to players with the best offensive effort and defensive effort, though it’s always an arbitrary selection.