Zach Leonsis Discusses Esports With Washington Post

Posted February 6, 2020

The Washington Post on Thursday held a panel on esports and video gaming, which included Zach Leonsis, aka Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, which owns Team Liquid and, of course, Caps Gaming. As someone who is still learning about this industry, the panel was extremely interesting, especially the degree in which Monumental Sports and Entertainment handles its esports athletes.

“One of the great things that I think we did was we incurred them move out of their gamer house and into a real practice facility,” Leonsis said of Team Liquid. “We have a spectacular facility in Los Angeles… We’re going to open a new one in the not too distant future in Europe. At that facility we’ve got an in-house chef, we’ve got sports psychologist. We’re treating our players just like we would Alex Ovechkin or John Wall.”

The panels focused on issues such as the business side of gaming, the development side, accessibility challenges and solutions, and diversity within the industry. It’s worth a watch for anyone who regularly games and who plays esports.

I was hoping for a special appearance by Evgeny Kuznetsov, but that didn’t happen.

See the entire video here, or specific portions.