How Zach Leonsis Picks Which Jersey to Wear

Posted February 7, 2012

Photo by Caps Outsider.

If there’s one under-reported dilemma Caps fans have, it’s which jersey to wear to the game. After all, you can’t just wear your Alex Ovechkin jersey every time if you’ve got a closet full of other jerseys that need to make an appearance. For Zach Leonsis, son of owner Ted Leonsis, picking which jersey to wear is simple.

“I wear who’s hot,” Leonsis said while sporting his red Mike Green after the Caps’ 4-0 victory Tuesday. I was briefly confused because Green is currently recovering from sports hernia surgery, and I had to rule out that he was referring to Green’s level of handsomeness.

It turns out, Leonsis, who owns 12 jerseys, was referring to the fact that the team has a good record when he wears that particular jersey. That’s as good a reason as any. So let’s hope Zach gets to each home (and away) game down the stretch with his Green jersey, and well into the playoffs. We’ll know why.