Isn’t It Bromantic?

Posted February 15, 2011

February is the most romantic time of the year.  Love is in the air, and it doesn’t just limit itself to couples. If you have ever been on an athletic team before, you know there are some people who pair off and simply can’t be torn away from each other. For me, that person was my D-partner, Amy. The pros are no different, so let’s take this opportunity to honor the true bromances of the Washington Capitals.

Let’s begin with the oldies but goodies, shall we?

Perhaps most well-known early on was Mike Green and Brooks Laich.  They lived in the same apartment building (before the residences they both have now) and did their “Caps Cribs” segments together. Brooks wore Green’s sunglasses, Green ratted out Brooks for only giving him cereal for breakfast when he slept over. Oh, and did I mention their “band”? Baby Blue Sound Crew. Yup.

Fellow countrymen are pretty much always insta-friends, but Alex Ovechkin and Alexander Semin are true bros. They get sushi together and giggle.

Ovechkin is part of another key Caps bromance with Nicklas Backstrom. While their body-bumps after wins are an indicator, this bromance know no bounds. When the two attended a Redskins game along with Mike Green, Backstrom wore one of Ovechkin’s Redskins jerseys to the game. Why? He admitted to the Washington Post that he had spent the night at Ovechkin’s, so he just borrowed one of his jerseys.  Yup, they have sleepovers.

Backstrom also has a connection with Green.  Green with his arm around Backstrom during a post game interview will certainly stick in everyone’s minds, as will the time Green said at the ’09 Caps Convention that Backstrom uses his hot tub more than he does.  But the true measure of their bromance is this: They leer at Redskins cheerleaders together.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Karl Alzner/John Carlson bromance.  It goes back to the 2009 Calder Cup playoffs, when the pair first played together.  They have been nearly inseparable defensive partners ever since.  It was Carlson who introduced Alzner to “Beat that Beat Up” on what we can only assume was a long romantic drive.  They even did their X’s and O’s segment for CRL together.

What is your favorite Caps’ bromance?