Caps Gaming – Week 3 With NoSleeves and Scheckel

Posted December 20, 2019

The Caps Gaming tournament is heading into its third week and the standings are starting to shape out for a great second half.  If you didn’t know, this tournament is run in a “swiss” format.  What does that mean?  It means that teams play another team with a similar record each week.  This turns a regular tournament into an eight-week gauntlet for top teams, while creating even matchups for teams who struggled to find wins in the first half.  @WingelsDGC created a nice graphic for people to keep track:


Here is the list of the current standings for the remaining undefeated teams through week 2:


This week, we reached out to Cameron Halbert, aka @nosleevesgaming on his thoughts about Caps Gaming to this point.  Cameron commentates the featured game of the week as well as coverage of the story lines in his weekly review.  Cameron has experience with coverage in 1 v 1 tournaments around the NHL community.  We asked him what does he see the biggest differences were about the Caps Gaming tournament and their 6 v 6 format?  “The biggest difference in the Caps Gaming tournament is the inclusion of the communities’ opinion on how it should be run.  Jordan Zelniker (Manager of Esports Business Operations at MSE) has gone out of his way to try and take all the input from the community.  One thing that most of the 1 v 1 events have lacked, is someone who is familiar with the competitive NHL scene to help with running tournaments.  The ones that have sought input from community leaders have generally run much better as they know what the competitive players are looking for in a top tiered tournament.”

Though the tournament is only in week 3, there has been signs of great success.  We asked Cameron why he thought that was.  “Highlighting new players and teams and trying to build a structured event that can be copied by any other NHL team willing to get on board with 6 v 6 NHL esports.  The swiss format was a perfect way to have it run.  Making sure that your path to the playoffs will be a battle, which in the end is the most important thing for the event to succeed, competition.”  However, with this being the first tournament for Caps Gaming, there could be a few adjustments.  Cameron went on to say, “A few minor tweaks to the rules, at no fault of theirs, since there has never been a tournament of this size.  Putting in a mercy rule for games would help with teams dominating the newer teams to the scene (Entourage won a game 24-1).  Capping it at a plus seven would stop those kinds of games from happening.  The goal differential being a tie breaker for the playoffs would also be another thing to look at [in the future].  Other than that [the tournament] has been really smooth.”

Last, we asked Cameron on his thoughts on who will come out with the $15,000 grand prize.  “There are a few great teams, probably around 8-10 that wouldn’t be surprising at all if they took home the cash.  Currently, I would say Entourage and Composure are the two front runners so far.  Turning Point, Legacy, Hidden Potential as well as Resilience are also out to strong starts.”


You can catch Cameron aka nosleevesgaming on these social networks:

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We also reached out to Keith Scheckel aka @Scheckel29NHL, who cohosts the weekly review show with Cameron on some of his thoughts of Caps Gaming.  Keith is best known for his experience in the 6 v 6 NHL community and has won two ESHL championships with BBB on last year’s version of NHL 18.  Keith is currently the goaltender for Entourage.  We asked Keith what he was most excited for in the Caps Gaming tournament that might be different that other 6 v 6 tournaments that he has competed in.  “I am most excited about the potential of competing in a LAN event and meeting my team and others from the community.  6’s LAN has only happened once in the history of North America esports. That was back in NHL 09 from my knowledge and that was formed and ran by EA Sports.”

Thinking into the future, we asked Keith about where he sees the future of 6 v 6 NHL esports after the Caps Gaming tournament is over.  “I hope this event is a massive success and more NHL teams and esports organizations get involved in this game mode.  While I’m not sure if a league is viable right now, similar to what the NBA is doing, I do hope there are more showcases/tournaments that the 6’s community will be able to participate in.  In 5 years, I would love to see the top esports organizations [to be] part of the scene.  Having FaZe, OpTic, 100T, etc. having signed players and teams.  I think the best way to grow esports in sports games is to try and attract gamers who are attached to organizations that are in the esports world.  Attaching esports teams to NHL organizations by association.  For example, FaZe Clan wars Blackhawk jerseys through the league/tournament they are competing in and not having a team only represent the Chicago Blackhawks.  In my opinion (not backed by facts), I think there is a very small mix of sports fans that are also interested in watching video games and having teams represent esports organizations will help attract more fans to the video game, esports and, the real-life sport as well.”

Last, we asked Keith on what he would change in the future of Caps Gaming.  “I would like to see some rules changed to help make the tournament more successful.  Changing the default time, extending days we can play, roster sizes, tiebreakers, etc.  However, overall, the tournament is being ran extremely well and I look forward to seeing who makes the LAN portion of the event.


You can find Keith aka Scheckel29 on Twitter here: @Scheckel29NHL


Below is their preview video of week three, which highlights some great matchups:


Two of the major matchups this week are Composure vs. Dare Infinity and Resilience vs. BBB.  Both matchups are between two undefeated teams with Composure winning the season 12 ESHL championship and BBB winning season 9 and 10 ESHL championship.

Composure vs, Dare Infinity will be featured on the Caps Gaming Twitch channel.  The game will be played at 10:00 PM on Sunday with @Johnwaynee90 and @NoSleevesGaming commentating.  You can view the game on Twitch by clicking the link below:


Here are some pretty good highlight videos from week 2.  

First we have RxYATESx77 scoring for Rageaholics against MONTAGE MOMENT:


Second we got a clip from @NinetyEightNHL with @PolishKris9 and @beaudyx91 scoring for their team, Black Ice:

@TheCreasePolice sent this clip of his team Legacy being down 2-0 in the third period of game 3 vs. Hidden Potential to score 4 unanswered goals to win the series.


Last, we go to a clip from @OGKevinBacon of Clout9.  Sometimes you just need a miracle…


If you have any clips from week three, please send them to @CoryLyonsAHL on Twitter!