Caps Gaming Week 6 Preview

Posted January 10, 2020

Earlier this week, Caps Gaming dropped some big news.  Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov is scheduled to play Caps Gaming esports athlete JohnWayne in NHL 20.  Details are below:


As for the Caps Gaming tournament, the regular season is winding down.  Several teams are in the middle of the pack, looking to make their final push for the playoffs.  Each team has three more series left to position themselves in the playoffs for the $15,000 grand prize.

Here is a breakdown on the records of teams so far, brought to you by @TheOohwayy:


Highlighting week 6 is the last match up between two undefeated teams.  @TurningPointNHL battles against @DahilaEsports in what is set up to be a gigantic game.  The winner will be the only team left in the tournament standing undefeated and will control their own destiny when it comes to playoff positioning.


There are two 4-1 teams looking to rebound from their first loss.  @HiddenPotNHL vs. @infinityNHL and @ProphecyNHL vs. @ComposureNHL go head to head in an all important position game.  The losers of their match will drop to 4-2 with only two weeks left to play.  This week’s game will separate those who are safe and those who will be scrambling in the last two weeks.

Below you can find the rest of the schedule:


For the full standings of everyone, here is a helpful link:


Next week we return with an interview from a pro sports athlete who has a hand in esports!