All Hail Hockey Satan

Posted May 15, 2018

Via Lindsey Novak

We are all familiar with the Hockey Gods, but what about Hockey Satan? Lindsey Novak, 29, feels that the Hockey Gods have forsaken the Caps and has instead turned to the dark side and is encouraging Caps fans to join her.

As someone who wrote a letter to the Hockey Gods, and got no response, I felt I had to see what Hockey Satan was all about.

Novak came up with the idea when the Caps fell into a 2-0 hole against Columbus. “Drinking a bunch of beer and realizing the hockey gods have forsaken us,” Novak said when asked how she thought of Hockey Satan. “Out of sheer desperation,” she added.

Hockey , like all sports, has their superstitions and the superstitious.

“I thought it was a funny desperation aspect we needed for the superstitious like myself,” Novak said on why she created Hockey Satan.

Novak credits Twitter and the sheer desperation of Caps fans for the spread of the idea. “I think people were desperate enough to hang on to something that ‘worked’, while being fun.”

Like many Gods, Hockey Satan demands sacrifices. These sacrifices come in the form of donations to local charities, one of the common ones is the USA Hockey Warriors.

“It’s not sacrifices in the traditional sense, but the sacrificial ‘donation’ to their cause of choice. Bonus points if it associates with the number of the player they want to score that night. So, I’d love [defenseman Michal] Kempny to score so I’ll donate $60 somewhere. Usually the USA Warriors, which allows injured veterans to play. Or Homeward Trails, which is an animal rescue org that does amazing work. It’s silly but a way to give back to your community while rooting for your team.”

It seems like for the first time ever the Caps are finally getting bounces in the playoffs. Perhaps that is attribute to the sacrifices Caps fans have made to the one true God. Shirts are also available for those interested. The money from the shirts also go to charity.