An Open Letter to the Hockey Gods

Posted May 10, 2017

We have a feeling the Caps aren’t praying for victory, but us fans are. (Caps Outsider)

Dear Hockey Gods,

Why must you hate the team from Washington? What have we ever done to you? If we angered you somehow, please let us know. We have done everything to appease you. We traded for a worn out veteran and gave up on one of the best prospects to get him. How many goals did the worn out vet score for us?

We were overconfident in 2010 and we apologize. That was seven years ago. We have a feeling there will be fans in attendance on Wednesday that were not even born yet in that Spring. We didn’t listen when you said that playoff hockey was different. We’re sorry.

When we won the South East Division five out of six years we thought we were really good. Little did we know how bad that division was. We are sorry. We are so sorry, we even hired Adam Oates thinking he would push us over the top. We apologize for letting him coach us.

Last season, we did not look in the rear view mirror and crashed. We are sorry. We had no answer for the Penguins. We apologize for scratching Nate Schmidt in favor of Mike Weber. Please forgive us. We were overconfident and we should not have been.

This year, we fought against the bounces in the first round series. Why must you fight us? What sacrifice do you demand? We already scratched Jakub Vrana for two pivotal games in Hershey. Schmidt was a healthy scratch (again apologies for that) and Brett Connolly was getting less than 10 minutes a game. We ask of you for once, shine your light onto the Washington Capitals. Have we not suffered enough? Our captain’s legacy has already been tainted no matter what he does. We ask of you just this once to shine your light for the Caps on Wednesday night.


Washington Capitals fans.