50/50 Raffle in Pittsburgh is Way Higher Than D.C.

Posted May 1, 2017

I don’t pay much attention to the 50/50 raffle thing they do at Verizon Center, but it became known to us that the dollar amount in Pittsburgh is way higher than the numbers Verizon Center puts up.

To put this in perspective, the last draw at a Caps game was $24,000, at Game 2. At Game 3 in Pittsburgh, it crossed $65,000 before the third period started (then split, 50/50).

We’re unclear how these numbers stack up across the league or even by sport (the Wizards do it to, with a $5 payout on April 16), but those who play it might find this moderately interesting. So for those of you who go to hockey games so you can be a degenerate gambler, maybe head to Pittsburgh, where labeling the ticket number and the prize amount is too much for the arena staff to do properly:


BTW, this isn’t anywhere close to Edmonton. Friggin Canadiens.