Meet the Man Who Photographs the Red Rockers

Posted August 8, 2015

(via Maika R.)

The photo he’s capturing above:


(Bruce Andrew Peters)

For the past three years, Caps Outsider has had the privilege of covering the Caps Red Rockers tryouts. Each of those years, we’ve sent photographer Bruce Andrew Peters to get some spectacular images of these young ladies. See: 2013, 2014, 2015.

“I have been a Capitals fan through thick and thin – never just a fair-weather fan,” Peters said, recounting the time he attended the Easter Epic.

His photos of the Red Rockers have earned him widespread praise, and each year, he finds new perspectives. “Months before a shoot, I write down notes about what composition will provide a new perspective on the subjects. Sometimes one has to seize on a perspective that unexpectedly presents itself. For example, a Red Rocker named Maika R. was stretching, before starting a dance routine.  Her face was framed by her arms, which made the image more interesting. It is rewarding to use creative ideas, and see them come to fruition.”

Here’s that image:

Photo: Bruce Andrew Peters

Photo: Bruce Andrew Peters

Peters, who is from the Washington area, traveled a lot as a kid as his father was an Army Ranger and infantry officer. While living in Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada, he’d see the kids go to ice hockey practice at 5 a.m.. “This experience cemented my tolerance of the cold, and love of ice hockey.”


Peters photographs sea lions in the Galapagos Islands.

His love of photography came from his father, and now he especially loves capturing wildlife images. “Photographing wildlife may help others appreciate and respect other species. For example, sharks, bears and snakes are often demonized. Through photography and video, we see that wildlife wants to be left alone and needs our help. Recent videos of people rescuing sharks ensnared in fishing lures reflects how media can change perspectives.”

Peters’ photos have been published in McGraw Hill’s Aviation Week and Space Technology, the Los Angeles Times-Syndicate, Fido Friendly Magazine, Transport Topics, plus local magazines and newspapers. He writes and takes photographs for trade associations like the American Trucking Associations, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, a variety of wildlife non-profits and Washington, DC area media. Clips are on

As for the Red Rockers?

“Above all else, the Red Rockers are true professionals who make my work look great. The Red Rockers are gracious, image savvy and pleasant – despite the stress and demands of the annual try-outs. I could not ask to work with more wonderful people.”

Here is Peters, lying down on the job:

(Jarrod Wronski)

(Jarrod Wronski of Metro DC DJs.)

To get these shots:

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Check out his site at and his Facebook page