Caps Outsider Endorses Braden Holtby for Election Night Bobblehead

Posted November 7, 2016

We endorse you, Holtby. (Caps Outsider)

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-5-45-14-pmAfter much research and heated discussions, Caps Outsider formally endorses the Braden Holtby bobblehead as the candidate to vote for on Tuesday, Nov. 8. While it wasn’t a unanimous choice, Holtby not only got more votes by our staff, but far more votes by our readers (63%) over Justin Williams (22%) and Tom Wilson (15%).

We’re also endorsing this bobblehead despite our belief that Holtby is long overdue for a real stadium giveaway bobblehead – not a silly Holtbeast or a fan-voted one of him with his water bottle. The real bobbleheads are of higher quality than the material these other statues are made from. While the others were fine for marketing and doing something unique, not everything needs to be a gimmick.

Here is how Caps Outsider voted:

Brandon Alter
I want Justin Williams to win. Williams’ bobblehead reminds us that, just like his hair, you need to let things hang loose and let it go. In addition, this will likely be his last chance at a Caps bobble as I would be surprised if the Caps resign him. #VoteWilliams

Barbara Banks
Braden Holtby is my choice. He is the most accomplished at his respective position. I like the way the bobblehead portrays him posed in the way fans see him during a game. The other two figures don’t do justice to either player and, frankly, are pretty goofy.

Daniel Hayden
The Capitals missed out on a great opportunity to go with Jay Beagle with a beagle whose head also bobbled, the ones that they came up with are also quite good. The Tom Wilson bobblehead is a little too “on the nose.” Works as a Halloween costume, but the lack of creativity is keeping me from voting for this one. They could have done more with this one. The Braden Holtby bobblehead is solid, paying close attention to detail, especially the water coming out of the water bottle. The lack of a mask on the top of the net hurts this bobbleheads chance and I cannot help but think that this is a missed opportunity to have gone with Holtby in pregame mode staring out at the rink. My vote has to go for the Justin Williams bobblehead. The reference to last seasons photo is on point while the simplicity works in its favor. Like his campaign slogan says “It’s not hard being perfect…look at me.” I am, and I will be looking at your bobblehead when it gets made.

Scott Payonk
Obvious vote is Braden Holtby. Last year he was the backbone of a team that dominated the regular season. Looking at last season, being nominated for the Ted Lindsay Award, winning the Vezina Trophy, and tying Martin Brodeur’s single-season wins record builds a perfect resume for why he should win the award. Plus, the bobblehead captures a signature move by Holtby. Although, I’m wondering if he is trying to score and endorsement deal from Pert Plus every time he squirts the water in his face and hair.

Ben Sumner
As I’ve argued previously, the Tom Wilson bobblehead is original but not worth commemorating, and Justin Williams, while brilliantly hilarious, has drawbacks. So, I’ll endorse Braden Holtby for the election.

Dylan Volpella
I think all of the bobblehead choices are great, so it’s really hard to narrow down which one is the best.  They’re all Canadian players, so I can’t even arbitrarily choose based on national pride!  In the end, I’ll have to give my vote to Tom Wilson for the creativity, even if I’m not sure I’ll be in the majority on that.

Andy Wallace
So when I first heard that they were announcing three bobbleheads to vote my initial reaction wasn’t “woo choices!” it was “boo we will only get one”. These bobbleheads are probably the best hockey bobbleheads I’ve seen, at least on the NHL level, because there is a story or a moment behind each one. Sadly one has to be chosen and that one for me will be Braden Holtby. Hands down I can’t turn that one down simply because it includes the net and the signature squirting of his water bottle. He has also only seen one bobblehead which didn’t do him much justice. Wilson has had two Caps bobbles and Williams has seen numerous bobbleheads of himself from the Flyers, Caps, and of course the Kings. Therefore not only do I want Holtby because its my personal favorite but the fact that he has less bobbleheads than the other two should make him the clear choice.

The winning bobblehead is scheduled to be handed out on Tuesday, March 21st when the Capitals take on the Calgary Flames.

Now, let’s hope this one gets made next season.

Nate Schmidt bobblehead, which is the best idea on this list.

Nate Schmidt bobblehead, which is the best idea ever.