The Case for (and Against) the Tom Wilson ‘Wilson’ Bobblehead

Posted November 2, 2016

On Tuesday, the Washington Capitals announced the three candidates for this years bobblehead election. The candidates are: Tom Wilson in his 2015 Halloween costume, Justin Williams in his 2015-16 team photo, and Braden Holtby squirting his water bottle, which he does all the time.

Today, we’ll discuss the Tom Wilson bobblehead.

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Other bobbleheads:

Wilson has two bobbleheads. One was given out at the Inova Blood Drive, and another was given out last year via the Caps Kids Club.

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What this bobblehead is based on:

This bobblehead immortalizes his 2015 Halloween outfit, where he plays Wilson the volleyball from the Tom Hanks movie Castaway (his pal, Michael Latta, played Hanks).

The case for: It was a great, original Halloween costume and very funny.

The case against: Trinkets to commemorate a one-time joke sometimes work (More Cowbell, anyway?). But a Halloween outfit? Need I be reminded of Tom Wilson’s 2015 Halloween outfit every time I look at the bobblehead collection? This one is too far out there, and doesn’t really blend at all with other hockey bobbleheads. While this gets points for originality, it’s safe to say this figure won’t be sitting on our mantles.

Polling runs from 9AM to 9PM on Tuesday November 8th.

You can vote on social media using the hashtag #CapsElectionNight on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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