#Holtbeast : A Photo Journal

Posted February 27, 2016

Tonight the Washington Capitals held one of the more anticipated giveaways in recent team history, the #Holtbeast Action Figure. We’ll likely have a full review of the collectible figure in the near future, but tonight we were too busy playing with our prized Holtbeast to bother with such things. Below we’re proud to present Holtbeast’s Photo Journal, a night at Verizon Center with the Washington Capitals :

Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 2

“Look at that handsome beast! Wait, why are my arms white?”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 3

“Woah, there is a game going on? Holtbeast can barely see it from up here.”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 4

“Holtbeast better get down to the ice to let my teammates know it started!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 6

“This is an emergency, they need The Holtbeast!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 7

“There is no time to waste in the Acela Club, look at the score!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 8

“Holtbeast can’t see a damn thing in this mask. Which way is the game?”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 9

“GOAL! Congrats to Ovi on #40!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 10

“It’s getting late in the game, someone call @CapsGameEnt, we need to Unleash the Fury”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 11

“Fury, unleashed. Orlov scores. Works every time.”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 12

“All we do is Win, Win, Win! Have we clinched the division yet?”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 15

“30 Saves, 2nd Star. Holtbeast SMASH! What the hell is a Niederreiter?”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 16

“We have time for a few Beastly questions before Coach arrives. We’ll start with Chuck.”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 13

“Hey Coach! Why did you pull Holtbeast last game?!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 14

“Errr, uh, Holtbeast meant, love yah, Coach!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 17

“Who needs a post game drink? Holtbeast is buying!”


Holtbeast-Action-Figure - 18

“Time to celebrate the victory with some friends. No Olie, Holtbeast doesn’t need any coaching tips.”


While we’ve been having fun with Holtbeast tonight, the Capitals’ social media team has been playing with their new toy for the past week. Check out the awesome Holtbeast Instagram Account for further adventures of everyone’s favorite Vezina Candidate Action Figure.

???? Dad!! #HoltBeast #RockTheRed #CapsWild

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You can track even more Holtbeast action on Instagram with the hashtag #HoltBeast. We have a feeling fans will be enjoying this new meme for awhile. Here are some of our favorites :

The #Holtbeast helping us get the fans pumped for third period! #CapsWild #RocktheRed

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#Holtbeast is thirsty.

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#Holtbeast is busy tonight! #rockthered #washcaps @washcaps @spacemanholt

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Real Holtby meets Toy Holbeast. #holtbeast

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#holtbeast #capswild #rockthered

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