Alex Ovechkin Got a “Ship” – No – “Sheep” for His Birthday

Posted September 18, 2015

EDIT: Okay, despite saying what sounded like “ship,” and fooling virtually every single member of the Caps media, Alex Ovechkin actually got a “sheep” for his birthday. Replace the word “ship” with “sheep” throughout this article.

Alexander Ovechkin’s birthday was just yesterday, and he turned the big 3-0.

“Next year…..” Ovechkin said with a slight pause. “I’m going to be 31,” he said with a chuckle.

So when you’re a multi-millionaire super star hockey player, the toast of an entire country, what could you possibly get for your birthday?

“In Moscow, they give me a ship,” Ovechkin said. “It’s in my country house right now. It’s kind of funny.”

Wait, a real ship?

“A real ship,” Ovechkin said matter of factly.

So, obviously, we have a bazillion questions about the ship. What’s it’s name? How nice is it? How big is it? Ovechkin has no idea. Why?

“I didn’t see it.”

He hasn’t even seen his ship yet!

“I have a picture,” Ovechkin said. “A picture is one thing (though).”

Ovechkin hasn’t provided a photo of his ship just yet. So we’ll have to stay tuned to figure out just how large Ovechkin’s birthday ship really is.