Matt Hendricks Still Loved in D.C.

Posted January 20, 2015

Hendricks and Holtby, together again. (Caps Outsider)

Former Capitals forward and fan favorite Matt Hendricks was in D.C. again Tuesday to face his former team, this time in Edmonton’s 5-4 shootout win.

As usual, fans continued showing their support for Hendricks, wearing his Caps shirt to the game and even cheering him on a bit.

“I feel very welcome by everybody here, and it’s nice to come back and see the fans,” Hendricks said after the game. “They treated me with the utmost respect when I was here. They supported me through good times and bad and there’s a soft spot for me for everyone in this town.”

Among other things, like being a hard-nosed player and dropping the gloves, Hendricks also had a shootout move that fans called the Paralyzer. With the game going into a shootout, Hendricks wasn’t so sure he would’ve gotten the chance.

“Coaches are smart. They know I played here and they know Holtby knows the move so it’s probably better that it didn’t happen.”

Jack Hillen and Joel Ward separately requested Hendricks to come into the hallway after the game. After getting dressed, and the Oilers in a hurry to leave, Hendricks requested a couple of minutes to go over and see his former teammates. Ovechkin was waiting for him(in a towel). They gave each other a man-hug and talked for several minutes.

Though it wasn’t his first time playing against his former team, he always enjoys seeing them. As for the trash talking? “A little bit, nothing too serious.”