Alzner Hockey Card… With Hendricks Photo

Posted January 29, 2012

The 2011-12 Pinnacle set from Panini America is out, featuring Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green, Alexander Semin, Michal Neuvirth, Brooks Laich (pictured in the Winter Classic practice jersey), Tomas Vokoun (first card to feature him as a Capital), and Karl Alzner.

But if you look closer at the picture above of this “Karl Alzner” card, you’ll notice a very big, but very hilarious problem. The card may say Karl Alzner, but the picture is that of one Matt Hendricks. How can you tell? Simple. The first thing that made me notice was that there is no visor. Also you can see the difference in their facial features (for people like me who go to the practices and get autographs all the time from the guys you really start noticing the little details). Also if you can get a good look on the back of the jersey, you can see it barely say “HEN.” Also, Alzner is known for having a beard, where as Hendricks is mainly clean shaven.

When I first noticed this mistake I took to Twitter and mentioned it to Alzner (@karlalzner), to which Alzner responded with his own thoughts. Panini America has yet to respond about the mistake.

From time to time, card companies like Panini America and Upper Deck will make mistakes. However, most mistakes are normally in their checklists when they make changes in their card lineups. And there are a few cards that have incorrect stats, but in the time that I have been collecting hockey cards (since I was a little kid), I’ve never gotten a card that says one player’s name, but has a different player’s picture.

Card collectors would like to have this card because of the rarity of this type of mistake. For others who like getting autographs, this is definitely a card to have both Hendricks and Alzner sign.

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