Nicklas Backstrom Bobble Review

Posted August 3, 2014

Although the Joel Ward bobblehead was delayed, that doesn’t mean that we still can’t get back to reviewing existing Caps bobbles. The Nicklas Backstrom bobble, which had also been delayed due to bad weather and customs, was available at last week’s summer drive for those who couldn’t pick up theirs during the regular season.

Inova has seemed to settle down with one company, Bobble Factory. Other than the Jay Beagle bobblehead, four of the last five Inova bobbles have been made from the same company.

The first two Bobble Factory bobbleheads were goalies so we never got a chance to see how the regular hockey sticks are made, until now. The previous bobble, Beagle, had a very flimsy stick that had some difficulties staying in his hand. However; the Backstrom bobble came equipped with a much more durable stick which was a lot thicker and easier to put in his hand. The base was the same as previous Bobble Factory bobbles with a white top layer and a black ring around the edge that is slightly raised with “Nicklas Backstrom” written on it and an Inova Blood Donor Services logo on top. Backstrom is standing at attention. This will be the last bobble to do so while holding his stick in his right hand. The whole outfit is very clean and painted nicely with again a very smooth touch, but it’s not as shiny as the Braden Holtby and Olaf Kolzig bobbles were. Moving up to the main attraction, his head, the face shows good resemblance to Nicky, but the hair seems a tad lighter than usual.

How is this Nicky different from the four others in our database? The main difference is the size and the face. This one is a bit bigger than the previous ones and the head looks a little less proportionate to the body than past bobbles. The face of this one has more emotion than the others which, although they had detail, kind of lacked the signature Nicky smile. Plus, the no-helmet look sets it apart from the rest.

Overall, the detail of this bobble is well put together and is very much worth adding to your collection.

Next review will be Joel Ward but hats pending on his arrival from customs! Follow our bobblehead twitter account @CapsBobbles to keep updated on everything bobbleheads!

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