Jay Beagle Bobblehead Review

Posted January 15, 2014

Last Saturday was the Winter Inova Blood Donor Services Caps Blood Drive, and it was a packed house at Kettler. The main attention grabber at this event was yet again the Caps bobble being given away to each fan who gave blood. This time around it was Caps center and grinder Jay Beagle. When the picture was released, there wasn’t much to get excited about, but now that everyone has gotten to see this bobblehead in person, the reviews may have changed a bit. Let’s take a closer look at the newest bobble added to the Caps bobblehead family.


Starting from the base, which was for the first time quite the attention grabber, that is Caps themed which a strip of red going all the way around followed by a strip of blue above it with “Jay Beagle” written across it. The a slightly raised white level with the Caps Weagle on the base and an Inova sign on top that curves with the base. Unlike past bobbles that just have a generic base, including the Troy Brouwer bobble which was made by the same company, this one has a lot more time an effort put into it to make it more of a complete bobble in an area that is usually overlooked. Next we move to the body which has just about the same exact features as the Brouwer bobble given away in November. The skates have very good detail all the way down to the blades and laces, the socks are a bit more neatly painted, and the jersey itself has all the logo stickered on except on the back where they are raised off the jersey. Overall there was no concern for the aesthetics of the bobble from the neck down but from the neck up is what you had to worry about. The first glimpse of the Beagle bobble looked like something out of a horror film and wasn’t very promising but then a few days before the drive Monumental Released a video with Beagle and his bobble which began to show some resemblance between the two. He has over an inch of “salad” flowing out of the back of his helmet which looks similar to the Brouwer bobble but not nearly as silly as his head seems to be more proportionate to the helmet itself.



Overall, this bobble this bobble came with a roller coaster of reviews that seems to fit with the Caps theme of a roller coaster season. Never the less this bobble turned out to be another shelf worthy bobble, as do most usually do, and is a great grab for bobblehead collectors everywhere!

Here you can sign up for the Spring blood drive:

  • March 1st, 2014

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