Jay Beagle vs. Arron Asham

Posted October 14, 2011

From HockeyFights.com : Jay Beagle vs. Arron Asham

Beagle had the upper-hand early, but obviously lost when Asham started punching.

Josh Kidd from Hockey Fights had some interesting comments on this fight :

Caps rookie Jay Beagle went looking for a fight with Arron Asham, one of the toughest middleweights for the past decade. It started out well, Beagle controlled range, threw long distance rights, but the feeling of things going well soon evaporated. Asham righted himself, regained his balance and composure and returned fire.

I somewhat disagree that Beagle went looking for a fight. He retaliated to a cross check from Letang by coming up too high (and thus received a penalty). Asham then sought him out for the fight, and Beagle didn’t back down. It probably should have been an instigator for Asham, but it’s obvious Beagle was outmatched. It was his first regular season NHL fight, compared to the 83rd by Asham. If Beagle intends to fight this year, he should probably remove that shielded helmet before doing so, and be more selective with his dance partners.

We obviously hope that Jay recovers fully to fight another day, and this event can’t help but remind us of Matt Bradley’s bloody attempts at fighting over the past couple of seasons. Matt Hendricks showed us last year in HBO’s 24/7 that sometimes a player thinks the only way they can stay in the league is to drop the gloves, and frankly that’s a sad commentary on the state of the game. As for the many debates surrounding this incident, I think Barry Petchesky from Deadsin did a better job of expressing my thoughts than I ever could.