Jay Beagle Stanley Cup Bobblehead Review

Posted September 18, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

The Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions and that means one thing… WE GET BOBBLEHEADS! As we detailed already, there are going to be 24 Stanley Cup-themed bobbleheads, produced by FOCO, available come September. Since that’s still a ways away we thought it would be fun to spend that time taking a closer look at each bobblehead included in this lineup.

Nothing bad can be said about Jay Beagle because he did everything is his powers to play his part throughout his entire career in Washington. When he hoisted the Stanley Cup, he did it as the only player to have also won the Calder Cup, the AHL championship trophy, and the Kelly Cup, the ECHL championship trophy. He took the harshest deployments of any player in the NHL, he killed countless penalties that may have save many of games, but most importantly he did it while being one of the most accessible players to the fans. With that, when we first saw the list of players getting bobbleheads and saw that Beagle’s name was not on there, we knew that had to be changed and thankfully, as you can see below, it did.

He isn’t a Capital anymore, but he will be in our hearts, and we’ll have this to remember it:

Smiling as always, this bobblehead does Beagle a much better justice compared to his first go-around when Inova Blood Donor Services handed out a bobblehead of the lovable Cap at one of their blood drives. The facial features of this bobblehead do a great job capturing his looks as of late and his beard. For anyone who has been a long term Caps fan, you need this bobble.

You can order this, and many others, from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum.

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