Bob Gould Memorial Fight Corner – Grapes of Wrath Edition

Posted April 1, 2013

Photo by Paul Bereswill

Details: 31 March 2013, @Philadelphia, 5:04 3rd period

Kombatants: “Sexy” Steve Oleksy (6’, 195lbs, 3 officially sanctioned NHL Regular Season hockey fights vs. Jakub Voracek (6’1, 184 lbs, 0 officially sanctioned NHL Regular Season hockey fights.

Analysis: This is the stuff of Don Cherry’s nightmares. Oleksy puts a Crest-level clean hit on Claude Giroux and gets jumped by, of all people, Jakub Voracek, who has the misfortune to

(1)  Be European

(b) Wear a visor

(3) Fight with said visor

(5) Keep punching Oleksy after his jersey is pulled over his head and can’t defend himself

That’s at least four violations of the famous Code that All Players Who Fight Are Supposed to Follow. It’s enough to make any person who still thinks Colton Orr belongs on the top line in Toronto or that fights change momentum in games furrow their brows and grimace in confusion and distress (the answer to both of those, ironically, is Randy Carlyle). Actually Voracek’s probably better off that he did pull Oleksy’s shirt over his head, because that could have gotten very, very ugly.

Verdict: Oleksy. For Michigan and Custer. And also because the ensuing penalties on Voracek and two powerplay goals from the Capitals should have cost the Flyers the game, except it didn’t.