Pat Sajak Talks Caps on NHL Network

Posted January 2, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been clued to Winter Classic coverage since you woke up this morning. And if so, then you just saw Wheel of Fortune host and Caps season ticketholder Pat Sajak do a guest appearance on NHL Network’s pregame show.

The interview kicked off with a quick jab at the Caps, but Sajak did get a chance to defend our team later on. Asked how he felt about the recent coaching change, Sajak said, “I love when they fire coaches.” Hmm. He went on to comment on the short shelf life of NHL coaches in general and point out that coaching changes have been an effective means of jump starting other NHL teams.

In fact it wasn’t the only time Sajak, who has attended every Winter Classic, went out of his way not to show bias toward the Caps. Asked about his all-time favorite Winter Classic moment, he picked the first-ever event, rather than the Caps’ win in 2011.

So can we expect to see this Caps season ticketholder making more appearances on NHL Network? When asked “Was this an audition to be an NHL Network analyst?” Sajak replied, “Well I’m available,” then added “Biscuit in the basket, I can say all that stuff.” Craig Laughlin has clearly taught you well, Pat.