NHL Stuff That Never Got Made… But Should Have

Posted October 19, 2011

We here at Capitals Outsider have taken the pleasure (and sometimes the pain) of showing you some great (and some outright horrendous) Caps and general hockey schwag that we come across. There has definitely been the good, the bad, and the outright ugly. But we all know that not every idea that gets pitched to a marketing department actually gets produced. So how bad could those products possibly be? Well, I decided to do some research and I found a few that never quite made the grade. (To keep these in perspective, there IS an Anaheim Ducks Rubber Duckie)

Calgary Flames Lighter Fluid

I still can’t picture why this never got made. One would think that this would be a “hot” commodity that would “spread like wildfire.”  And hey, in a cold city like Calgary, you can get a fire started anywhere with that bad boy! I guess in the end there wasn’t much of a “burning” desire to get this product made and got “extinguished” pretty quickly.

San Jose Sharks Shark Bait

I first heard about this and fell in love with it. I love fishing of the shore every summer, and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is make a trip out to eastern Long Island, go out on a boat, and go shark fishing a few miles off of Montauk Point. Besides, if the San Jose Sharks say that it attracts sharks, it must really attract sharks! However, further testing of it showed that it was really good to begin with, but then once when it became time to make it count, it kind of fizzled out and ended up being a disappointment. Marketers decided that it wasn’t something that they couldn’t “sink their teeth into.”

Tired of my bad puns yet? Sorry everyone, this is too easy! I have one more for you and then I promise I’m done!

Colorado Avalanche Snow Tires

This idea makes a lot of sense. People in Denver love their Avs, and we all know it snows very frequently out there in the winter. Why not makes snow tires with that red “A” with the snow wrapping around it? During testing, the tires ended up blowing out before they even really got started and the idea never really “snowballed” from there.

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