Hornqvist Hit on Oshie Changed the Game

Posted January 16, 2017

The Capitals lost 8-7  to the Penguins on Monday in a crazy hockey game. The Caps allowed five straight goals in the second period after being up 3-0. That is not what worries me. What worries me is how the Caps reacted to this no call.

This no call changed the game. Somehow, after this play it became 4×4, and the Penguins scored twice.

Bad calls are going to happen in every game. The Caps need to react better. If a call like this happens in the playoffs, they need to respond differently. Instead of allowing two goals on the 4×4, they need to score a goal.

The key to the Stanley Cup Playoffs is keeping your emotions in check. Based on what I saw after this, the Caps are not ready to take the next step. Hopefully the Caps use this as a learning moment.