Awesome Caps Artwork on Clothing

Posted June 13, 2011

Justine Kenney is one of a few talented artists we’ve met recently who is passionate about the Caps and has a portfolio of designs to prove it. Her weapon of choice is fabric paint, which she started using in college and hasn’t stopped since. The following images are just scratching the surface of designs she’s made, which also include other teams and sports. See more on her site,

game-4-signs-06 game-4-signs-07 game-4-signs-08 game-4-signs-10 game-4-signs-11 game-4-signs-12 game-4-signs-13 game-4-signs-14 game-4-signs-15 game-4-signs-16 game-4-signs-17 game-4-signs-18 game-4-signs-20



Ben Sumner
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