Ovechkin, Simpsonized

Posted January 18, 2012

In the past three months, Capitals Outsider has presented an awesome Alex Ovechkin portrait by the artist Que-ink, and LEGOvechkin by Dave Delisle. So the next logical step is to get the Great 8 his own Simpsons character, and who better to do that (aside from the Matt Groening himself) than Springfield Punx founder Dean Fraser?
Dean has been a friend of ours for a couple years now as we’ve featured him on our brother site, Gunaxin.com. But it wasn’t until we stumbled upon a Simpsonized Jarome Iginla in his archives did we realize that he’s a hockey fan. As much as we’d like him to exclusively draw Capitals, Dean thrives on drawing superheros, Dr. Who characters, and other pop-culture folks. He’s also got Star Wars on his mind and those characters simply need to be drawn as Simpsons, like, now.

So instead of badgering Dean to draw more hockey players (even Ovechkin was a stretch considering he’s a Calgary Flames fan), we’ll leave him be and celebrate what he’s already done. Keep tabs on these characters on Springfield Punx and take a look at what we featured on Gunaxin. Also check out our interview with him on the Gunaxin podcast.

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