Posted January 7, 2012


As fans of LEGO, Capitals Outsider and our brother site, Gunaxin, frequently showcase creative ones we find. In fact, this isn’t even the first Capitals LEGO image – that one goes to artist Johannes Wessmark, and you can see it here and even buy prints.

The animated one above, which is based on Alex Ovechkin‘s early-season puck juggling skills, was created by Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Ideas after we showered him with praise and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. “[A few years ago] I made a ‘Lego Hockey’ pitch for a video game, which of course no one wanted to look at. I’ve since been reusing all the assets for my blog,” Delisle said.

As a designer, he also creates geek-centric jerseys, like Battle Star Galactica, Zelda, Dr. Who, Starfighter, and Ghostbusters, which, unlike the LEGO, you can purchase. “I do the odd gig as a video game designer, logo designer, or package designer. I design a lot of stuff for my website for fun.”

There is, however, an asterisk with this creation, as Delisle isn’t a Capitals fan. “Been a lifelong fan of the Calgary Flames! I will admit I’m this close to adopting the Winnipeg Jets as a second team. They’ve been fun to follow this year.”

We’re just hoping that Delisle’s next animated LEGO isn’t Rene Bourque elbowing someone.

Now, only if someone would create a real Capitals LEGO instead of an animated one, we’ll just have to buy it.

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