If the Caps Got Chromed

Posted November 15, 2013

This week, the NHL released seven new logos for the teams that are playing in the 2014 NHL Stadium Series, four outdoor games in January and March (not including the Winter Classic and Heritage Classic, which aren’t chrome-worthy).

Seeing how awesome these look (seriously, check them out, except for the Islanders logo which somehow looks awful), Caps Outsider called on Caps Hill to create a chrome version of the Caps logo. But Caps Hill founder and designer Brendan Sheridan took it to the next level, chroming the old Caps logos, as well.

Yes, folks, the Capitals might not be playing in an outdoor game in 2014, but we still got our very own chrome logos!

Many thanks to Caps Hill for this. Follow them on Twitter and check out their site for other coolness.