Caps Collapse, Fall 3-2 in OT

Posted May 10, 2022

T.J. Oshie scored Monday. (Caps Outsider)

This is a really tough one to write, and the series isn’t even over. But it sure feels like it is.

That might be me projecting from past playoff disappointments, but all of the momentum swung to Florida the instant they tied the game with just over two minutes to go. A real punch in the gut felt by Caps fans everywhere.

To be fair, the Caps played a fantastic defensive game and Ilya Samsonov was lights out all night, even after nearly getting injured during a second period scramble. Just a few lucky bounces here and there that ultimately decided the game, but hey, that’s just playoff hockey.

The Caps had multiple chances to go up 3-1. Two breakaways by defensemen Martin Fehervary and Justin Schultz coming out of the penalty box, were swiftly broken up by Florida’s defense. Another breakaway almost became a 2-on-0 between Schultz and Evgeny Kuznetsov, until Kuzy’s twig was snapped. Probably the most haunting of all, Garnet Hathaway‘s heave down 2/3 the length of the ice which rung off of the post. Taking a 3-1 lead with just over 3 minutes to go would’ve been the final nail in the coffin to take a two-game lead in the series, but sometimes the puck just isn’t on your side.

According to the captain, Alex Ovechkin, “We’re not panicking,” but I sure am.

Going back to Florida for a three-game series, feels like a death sentence. If this, by some miracle the series goes seven games, two of the next three have to be played on that TERRIBLE ice rink in South Florida. The same rink this team didn’t look too fond of in Game 2.

Now some of you may hate my doom and gloom attitude, and I admit this team surprised me in game 1 and they could surprise me again. But after a good 15 years of watching this team, I’ve learned to keep all hope suppressed when things get dire. It makes the disappointment hurt a little less on the way out the door.