NHL to Cage Players as COVID Precaution

Posted April 1, 2021

T.J. Oshie models a classic wire face cage during his NCAA stint with the University of North Dakota.

In a press release issued early this morning, the NHL announced that beginning tonight all players will be required to wear full face cages.  The move is being cited as a further precaution against the spread of the respiratory disease which continues to result in game delays and player absences.

Options include both the classic wire cage and the plexiglass full-shield – a sight familiar to those who watch NCAA Hockey or have children under 18 who play in the USA Hockey system.  While it’s debatable whether the new equipment will have any impact on infection risks, Caps Outsider was not able to find a medical professional who would state that the cages would have a negative impact on overall player health (they all muttered something under their breath about a decrease in lacerations, facial fractures, and dislocated teeth).

As with many of the adjustments we’ve seen during the COVID Era, there is no sunset clause included with the new requirement.  Given how quickly previous restrictions were revised, it’s even possible it will have been redacted before puck drop this evening.

Lector Caveat: Capitals Outsider wishes to remind readers to check the date of this post, and to understand that no harm was intended by its publication.