Slapshot and Other Unemployed NHL Mascots

Posted October 9, 2012

Employees of NHL teams, from ticket salespeople to ushers and maintenance people, are finding themselves laid off pending the resolution of the lockout. While these moves don’t come as a surprise, one batch of layoffs did. As reported by Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog, Florida mascot Stanley C. Panther was the first mascot casualty of the labor dispute, finding himself out on the street with nothing but a t-shirt cannon and a stack of glossy photographs. Sadly, he wasn’t the only mascot let go, and with few marketable skills in a tough job market Stanley and his counterparts around the league have been forced to look for work outside of their current field.

Washington’s very own Slapshot has unfortunately shifted to a career in the adult film industry. Before the Caps could even give him his pink slip, Slapshot had already relocated to Orange County, California for a starring role. The cocky mascot claims he will be the biggest thing in adult entertainment since Ron Jeremy. Find out how the NHL’s other mascots are making ends meet over at Gunaxin Sports.