Zdeno Chara’s Fights With the Caps

Posted December 30, 2020

When 43-year-old Zdeno Chara signed with Washington on Wednesday, we fondly remembered when he fought Tom Wilson, way back in the pre-Covid days of December, 2019.

Considering he’s been in the league since 1997 and with 75 fights to his name, we assumed Chara would have dropped the gloves more than once with the Caps. It turns out, it was only three times. The first time came in 2001, against Chris Simon.

The next came in 2008, when Chara fought pugilist Donald Brashear. That sounds like a main event. But, the bought between the two super heavyweights was a dud.

The one against Wilson was better, but not incredible.

With his leadership skills, grit and a reach longer than anyone else’s in the league, it’s possible that Chara will get into a few scraps this coming season, as he fought four times last year at the tender age of 42. We’re looking forward to it. Welcome to D.C., Chara!


Let’s also not forget this: