Capitals Salute Matt Niskanen

Posted February 8, 2020

The Washington Capitals played a Thank You video for Flyers defenseman Matt Niskanen, who played five seasons in Washington and helped win a Stanley Cup.

“Any of the Stanley Cup video stuff gets me,” Niskanen said after the game. “Other than my kids being born that was the coolest moment of my life, so, once it got to that section of the video, it was pretty special.”

Niskanen was traded to Philadelphia in the offseason for Radko Gudas, mainly so the Caps could save some money.

“I don’t see many of them,” he said of Caps fans. “I don’t have an online presence so I don’t connect that way, but I run into Caps fans now and then, and yeah, usually that’s the first thing that comes up. The 18 playoffs and the Cup run, so that’s pretty cool.”

During the tribute, Niskanen stood up, saluted the crowd, seemed to hide his face a little behind his stick, and the crowd cheered.