Evgeny Kuznetsov Has Full Support from the Capitals

Posted September 15, 2019

Saturday afternoon, NHL Public Relations announced that Evgeny Kuznetsov has been suspended without pay for three regular season games due to inappropriate conduct, after he tested positive to cocaine over the summer. The commissioner’s determination was made after an in person meeting with Kuzy last Monday. After the release of the determination Kuzy talked to the media and said how sorry he was for the situation.

“I have decided to accept the NHL’s suspension today. I am once again sorry that I have disappointed my family, my teammates, and the Capitals organization and fans. I promise to do everything in my power to win you back with my actions both on and off the ice. I also understand that I am fortunate to have an opportunity to make things right. Thanks to the Capitals, NHL, and NHLPA, I have taken many steps in the right direction and I’m confident that I will continue on that path. I am grateful for everyone’s support and I’m looking to move forward from this point. While I can appreciate that people may have additional questions, I will not be commenting further on this matter.”

After Kuznetsov’s statement, coach Todd Reirden made his statement in support of Kuznetsov:

“It is career defining moment in his live”His actions have been really positive in terms of the choices that he’s made and that’s the first sign, when you’ve made poor choices in the past and now you are making better ones that’s the growth of a young person  so that’s exciting and encouraging for me as a coach, a mentor and a leader. To be able to see that those choices are being made with how he’s come to camp.”

Currently the CBA-Collective Bargain Agreement that was ratified by NHLPA membership on January 12, 2013, concluding a four-month lockout by NHL owners runs for ten years, expiring on September 15, 2022. Both the NHLPA and the NHL have the option to opt-out of the deal in the eighth year of the Agreement. In this agreement there is no clear policy regarding the positive testing for illegal drugs. The article 47 “Performance Enhancing Substances Program” is the only guide that the commissioner can “kind of” use to make his determination. Even when this article is focused on enhancing drugs it can guide the commissioner on how to discipline a player who has an addiction problem. Early this year, Austin Watson was suspended for over two month for alcohol abuse. It is not something well defined by the NHL and more discretionary. Kuznetsov in his statement requested the support of his fans and the media and we have seen everyone being very supportive. Kuzy, did not perform at his best last season and many people are connecting this to his positive drug test. We shall see this season after his speedy recovery the same Kuznetsov that we all know and support.

In Kuzy we trust!!