The Smart Puck: Pucks That Tell You Info on Your Team

Posted March 30, 2019

Caps fan Kevin Sidwar invented a device embedded into a puck that automatically updates with information about your favorite team, which is a perfect display piece for your office desk.

The puck shows you:

  • your favorite team’s record
  • number of points
  • division rank
  • win streak
  • last game result
  • next game

Oddly enough, Sidwar got the idea when he came across the Alex Ovechkin bobblehead with the career points tracker. It didn’t update automatically, so Sidwar set out to make a product that did.

Sidwar is in the Kickstarter phase of this product now so watch the video and check out the options for backing this project.

Let’s hope he brings this idea to the bobblehead industry next!