Pittsburgh Fan Wears a Tom Wilson ‘Trash’ Jersey

Posted March 15, 2019

Some fans go to great lengths not only to root for their team, but to show off their hatred for another team, or even a single player. With Tom Wilson irking just about every NHL player who is not on the Capitals,  he’s also drawn the disdain of opposing fans, and they’ve gone out of their way to show it. Here’s one who was spotted running around in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, wearing a #43 Caps jersey with Trash written on it.

Earlier this season, we spotted a Penguins fan wearing this jersey at Capital One Arena:

Still Behind 4 – Penguins (CO)

But back to Tom Wilson. Here’s how far some folks will go:

And this:

And this:

But we don’t really care that much because we have this:


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