Jay Beagle Returns!

Posted February 5, 2019

Photos by Caps Outsider

Former Cap Jay Beagle returned to Capital One Arena for the first time since leaving to join the Vancouver Canucks. The fans showed him much love, with many wearing their Caps Beagle jerseys and applauding him multiple times. Plenty of fans – both Caps and Canucks – watched him take his warmups, where he predictably was the last to finish, which he was known to do with the Caps. He tossed more pucks than usual to the fans.

In the first period, the Caps showed their tribute video. Beagle was humble about it, standing to the side, looking up but seemingly trying to hide any emotion.

“It was a special video that they put together,” he said after the game. “World class organization. I expected a little bit of a video, but nothing like that. That was insane. I’ll remember that for the rest of my life.”

Beagle started the game, and played several shifts before the Caps played the video. He said it took him off his game. “I felt like I was jumping pretty good, I had pretty good legs, and that kinda set me back for the rest of the first. They planned that. That’s on them. That was dirty.”

As for scoring chances, he had one good look on net but Braden Hotby made the save. “Holts does what he does. He stands on his head, He robbed me there, he said ‘sorry’. If he knew it was me, he would’ve let it in, he said. Talk is cheap, Holts.”

How did he feel, overall, playing against his former team? “It was hard to play against them. First period was a little tough. I knew I had to get a couple hits just to get into it and know that this was a hockey game and we’re here to get two points and do business here.  It was tough to play against all the guys that you played with the last seven-eight years.”

Before the game, it was reported that he and former teammate T.J. Oshie agreed to take runs at each other. “We didn’t. I didn’t see him too much. He scored, obviously I was on the ice for that first goal when he scored, and didn’t see too much of him after that.”

The tribute video, shown below, chronicled a good portion of his life. “It kinda flashed right before my eyes. I was good until they showed my family. I was good until they showed my kids and my wife. No tears. I’m a man.”

Media member Ed Frankovic, who has been following the Capitals since the team’s inception, told Beagle that he hadn’t ever seen such huge a fan reaction for a returning player before. “I don’t even know what to say. Obviously thanks to all the fans, I really appreciate their support and their love.”

Welcome home Beags, even if it’s just for a day.