The Caps Jeep and the Giant Stanley Cup

Posted February 2, 2019

(Caps Outsider)

This season, the Caps Jeep has been a frequent visitor to Capital One Arena, parked right outside and swarmed by selfie-taking fans after games.

We met the owner, who will go by Ed T., a Caps fan of 25 years, who gave us more information about it.

He’s had the Jeep itself for about three years, which obviously didn’t get The Cup on it until this past year. The Cup was made in Canada about nine years ago by a props professional, then purchased and shipped here after the Caps won the Stanley Cup. The owner had it customized in Ellicott City.

On Saturday at Sport Chevrolet in Silver Spring, Tom Wilson became the second Caps player, after Jakub Vrana, so sign the giant Stanley Cup.

Photos: Tom Wilson Signs Autographs at Sport Chevrolet