Tom Wilson Demolished Jamie Oleksiak

Posted December 19, 2018

Tom Wilson wasn’t expecting shenanigans and retaliation for his hit on Zach Aston-Reese in the playoffs last year, but when it came knocking, he answered the door willingly. Jamie Oleksiak is probably wishing he hadn’t asked Wilson to dance, because it clearly didn’t end well for him.

BOOM! We’re not really sure why they would try Tom Wilson, but they got their answer less than one minute into the game. It was one of the shortest fights we’ve ever seen, but it had a definitive winner. It left Sidney Crosby whining on the bench (not shocking), and left us wondering if they were upset with one of their players getting a broken jaw and concussion, why did they send another guy in expecting different results? Big Willy is laying out fools like kitchen tiles.

Someone in the locker room should probably tell Jamie Oleksiak what happened when he wakes up. He did not return to the game in the 1st period, and recorded a grand total of 9 seconds of ice time. Productive.

Hopefully Jim Rutherford is done whining that Wilson was running away from Oleksiak. We can’t wait to hear what his next excuse will be.