Linda Laughlin Drops the Ceremonial Puck

Posted November 9, 2018

(Caps Outsider)

The Caps hosted Hockey Fights Cancer Night on Friday, with special guest Linda Laughlin – wife of longtime Caps color commentator Craig Laughlin – dropping the ceremonial puck.

Linda is currently undergoing treatment for uterine serous carcinoma, a form of endometrial cancer. The Laughlins told reporter Tom Gulitti that Linda was diagnosed in April and finished chemotherapy on Oct. 26 (but still has radiation therapy ahead). Meanwhile, during all of this, the Caps were playing and went on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Instead of traveling to Vegas to witness the team’s first championship, Craig stayed in town so he could be closer to his wife.

Normally out of the spotlight, Linda spoke of her reasons for stepping up. “What I’m looking forward to is this opportunity to see not only what the NHL initiative can generate for cancer in general, but if I can also support that, bring some particular issues I think to light which I think are not generally known or understood, that I can give a voice to something that right now is pretty quiet and silent even within the framework of all that’s being done for cancer.”

Linda also handles much of the work behind the scenes with Network Hockey at The Gardens Ice House, in Laurel, Md., something that daughter Courtney and son Kyle also help run.

On Craig and Courtney’s podcast on Monumental Sports Network, Courtney spoke of a moment after coaching back in April where she was so worried about her mother that she broke down to her father, who then said to her, “Your mom is tough. She is a warrior, and she is going to beat this. And we’re going to be a stronger family because of it.”

Before the ceremony on Friday, Craig and Courtney gave pointers to Linda on how to drop the puck, which included hours of practice at home. “She’s gotta be able to drop it better than a lot of linesmen do,” Craig said on his podcast.

“I don’t want to look stupid, that’s for sure,” Linda said. Despite having a husband and two children who play hockey, Linda doesn’t, though she skates.

The Laughlins are also starting the Craig and Linda Laughlin Foundation, which will help raise awareness and resources for under-funded and under-researched cancers, including the type that Linda has.

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