Caps Outsider’s Bobblehead Database

Posted August 27, 2013

If there’s anything Caps Outsider has done relatively well in the past few years, it’s reporting on bobbleheads. Collectors take these whacky wobblers seriously, paying decent cash for obscure ones and proudly displaying them on mantles. Caps fans are no exception, so we have compiled a list of every Cap, Hershey Bear, and Reading Royal bobblehead given out by the teams. There are tens of thousands of these figures out there, and like any collectible, there’s an audience for those who want to research what they have. Check this one out, for instance:


“I’m worth more than your car.”

It’s a Hershey Bears figure from the 1960s. It recently sold on eBay for $587.77 (plus shipping). We bet that more of these exist in someone’s attic, and we’re hoping our research will tell them that it’s not something to throw away. Then you can pay us commission. Ha.

Working with our resident expert, Andy Wallace, Caps Outsider compiled a list of everything we could find, including the year of release, the number made, and current market value. The list will change as new information comes in, and we may expand it to include other items. If you have new information to provide, suggestions or corrections, please contact us. Now, go and check out:

Caps Outsider’s Bobblehead Database