Kuznetsov Scores Ridiculous No-Look Snipe

Posted October 13, 2018

Evgeny Kuznetsov is a wizard. Not the type who plays mediocre basketball at the Capital One Arena, but the type that sniped an absolutely filthy goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs at that same arena. The goal will likely be replayed on every highlight show for the next several days, and shared all over social media, so chances are you’ve already seen this shot before you even opened this article. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it again. Because, DAMN!

Bad angle, a little dangle, looks away, and then BOOM! Fredrick Andersen felt a rush of air past his left ear and the puck was in and out of the net before Toronto even knew what happened. A laser beam to the top shelf where momma hides the cookies. Kuznetsov even finished it off with a proper celly. You’re going to need a shower after watching a few more angles of this dirty, dirty goal.

During intermission, Kuzy gave the reaction we expected, “It’s probably a lucky shot.”