Crosby Interferes from Bench, Then Whines About Penalty

Posted February 2, 2020

The Capitals are currently losing 3-1 against the Penguins at home on Super Bowl Sunday. Since that isn’t much fun to write about, we decided instead to share something that just happened in the game that probably won’t surprise many of our readers. Sidney Crosby interfered with a play on the ice from the bench, and then after he was called for the minor penalty, chased down the referee to whine about it. Why I never!

As you can see, TJ Oshie was involved in a bit of a disagreement with (checks roster) some guy named Anthony Angello. Sidney didn’t appreciate the 6′ tall Oshie being mean to a 6’5″ guy who is apparently now a Pittsburgh Penguin. So Sir Sid took it upon himself to honorably take hold of Oshie’s stick and not let go as Oshie attempted to continuing playing hockey. The referee subsequently blew the whistle on such shenanigans, and stop us if you’ve heard this one before… Sidney Crosby protested the call. After being called for the first penalty of his career against the Capitals, Crosby followed the referee down the ice arguing before the linesman intervened and Sid finally was sent to the box to feel shame. To be any more on brand, Sid would’ve needed to punch Oshie in the balls from behind.

After the game, Sidney told everyone how it was Oshie’s fault, “I think it was Oshie. I think he knew what he was doing with his stick coming by the bench there. I think you can probably watch it and see what happened.”