Caps Outsider Roundtable: Finals Edition

Posted May 27, 2018

Caps fans celebrate during the win against Tampa Bay. (Caps Outsider)

Ben Sumner

Caps fans are already celebrating a bit too much for my tastes as if the team has already climbed the highest peak. While most players on the Capitals are in uncharted territory, the Golden Knights have demonstrated that they’re no pushovers, and can easily deal a reality check to any team in the league. While I don’t necessarily think that’ll be enough to unhinge the bitterness and determination among Alex Ovechkin and company, it will be enough to rattle them to the point of needing to sacrifice body parts to get them over the edge. Teeth will be lost, bones will shatter and the offseason will be jam-packed in recovery centers for the Caps to win this series, which will happen, painfully, in 7 games.

Caps in 7

Brad Davis

Roundtable: It might not hit me until puck drop of game one that the Capitals have finally made it to the Stanley Cup. I’ve said for a while now that if the Caps ever get past the second round, that their captain would not let them lose. I’m sticking with that. Nobody will ever know just how the Vegas Golden Knights got here. It’s an incredible feat, one that will go down as a top five sports story of all time. However, I think it ends here. Paper matchups have meant nothing to Vegas, though once again, I think the Capitals are the better team. They have the ability to match each line that Vegas can throw at them. Taking either game one or two will be crucial to winning this series. This is the Caps’ year. This is Ovi’s year. This is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Caps in 6

Greg Young

I’ve gone back and forth on this series, although I actually do think the Capitals have a legitimate edge in a number of areas that ought to help them win this series. For one, they are a deeper team than the Knights, and can roll out 3 legitimate scoring lines (compared to only 1-2 for the Knights). Second, the Capitals have a significantly better power play that ought to make it difficult on Marc-Andre Fleury. And finally, although Fleury has been great, I think the top-end skill of the Capitals may make it difficult for him to continue anywhere near his current level.

That being said, the Golden Knights are legit, and the Capitals have their work cut out for them. The Knights have an elite top line that no-one has figured out how to stop, outstanding goaltending, and underrated defensemen. This is going to be a fun series that ought to be played at a fast pace and feature some open ice, even if that doesn’t always lead to tons of goals.

Caps in 6

Dylan Volpella

After last series showing the Caps have what it takes to pick themselves up when it counts, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come out strong against Vegas. The tricky part will be if they can stay on top of their game for the entire series, which has been a problem for the Caps in the past. But with Eller, Oshie, and Carlson adding much needed support to the Caps’ scoring, this is a team that I don’t see giving up without a fight. If they can keep the pressure on out of the gate, the Caps could take it in 4, though based on the post-season so far, I expect it to go to 7 with the Caps on top.

Caps in 7

Brandon Alter

Vegas surprised everyone this year. The old saying of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is holding true. Vegas is a scary good team. Speed and playing with house money. For the Caps to win this series, they’ll have to neutralize the Golden Knights’ speed. In addition, last series, whenever Winnipeg got a huge goal, Vegas would respond almost immediately. The Caps will have to be conscious of this.

I just don’t see the Caps being able to compete with the depth and speed of Vegas.

Golden Knights in 6

Phil Van der Vossen


Caps in 4