Caps Fans #ReclaimTheSteps After 6-3 Win in Game 5

Posted May 5, 2018

via Adam Stringham

As is tradition, whenever the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, or the New York Rangers win in DC, the Portrait Gallery steps get swarmed with visiting team fans. When the Caps won, the steps were just empty. However, we have called upon Caps fans to #ReclaimTheSteps when the Caps emerge victorious against the said teams, and after Saturday’s big game 5 win, Caps fans responded.

The steps were a sea of red, and all over social media, you could see the action from what was going on there. It felt like you were part of it, even if you were miles away.

Local media personalities, Michael Jenkins, Alan May and Craig Laughlin also joined in the fun.

However, for Caps fans to truly have the last laugh, the Caps will have to win this series. Otherwise, we all know what the steps will look like on Thursday night.