Lars “Tiger” Eller Is Stepping Up

Posted January 11, 2018

GRRRRRR (Caps Outsider)

Lars Eller came to Washington to be the third line center and has done the job admirably, avoiding the line-shuffling that almost every other forward on the team has experienced, including his own wingers.

And now, the 28-year-old Dane is one of the hottest players on the team, scoring in each of the past three games (4 in his past 6) and having his nickname, “Tiger” come to light.

According to The Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty, the players have been calling him “Tiger” since a team-building exercise last year, and the Caps have been playing Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” after Eller scores at Capital One Arena, including after his lone goal for the Caps in a 3-1 loss to Carolina on Thursday.

To Eller, it’s just a matter of shooting the puck. “I had a long stretch when I didn’t score, but I was still getting chances. Sometimes they just go in, but for a stretch they didn’t.”

Head coach Barry Trotz described Eller’s play of late as ‘hard and heavy.”

In 43 games this season, Eller already has 8 goals and 12 assists, well on pace for career highs. Now let’s jam to this: