19,200 Caps Bomber Hats!

Posted January 9, 2018

(Photos by Caps Outsider)

The Washington Capitals gave out hats to all fans on Tuesday, but not until after the game, so the dream of a crowd of 18,506 fans rocking the bomber hat wasn’t meant to be. Just imagine Alex Ovechkin getting a hat trick and fans then littering the ice with these things.

So why weren’t they passed out until 10 minutes remaining in the third period? The rumor was that the delivery truck broke down on the way to the arena, with 192 boxes on board.

After the Caps’ 3-1 win, fans were in a festive mood, grabbing their hats on the way out, tossing the plastic and wearing them around Chinatown and on the Metro.

It wasn’t a completely beautiful sight, though. Some exits were rumored to have run out, making fans – who had already been waiting in a long line – go to other exits. I personally witnessed an angry fan slap a stash of hats held by a Capital One Arena worker after she denied him a second one.