What Happened to the Caps Banners?

Posted October 16, 2016

The Verizon Center rafters have far more room now. (Caps Outsider)

As John Walton pointed out on Twitter on Friday, the Capitals have new banners decorating the Verizon Center ceilings. They obviously consolidated all those Southeast Division championship banners, as they would have otherwise needed to add another Presidents Trophy banner, plus their Metropolitan Division banner. They could have even consolidated all of the division banners into one. Maybe next time.

So, where are the old banners? Where are those seven Southeast Division banners and other ones in the previous style?

The Caps told me that they still have the old banners. The last time they changed them up, however, they auctioned them off. As we previously reported, fans had the opportunity to bid on the blue-black-and-bronze banners at the first Caps Convention, and we even met a guy who had one hanging in his garage (photo below).

The question is, will the Rock-the-Red banners be put up on the auction block? Will rabid fans get the chance to purchase the original Presidents Trophy banners? We’ll be sure to let you know.


Banner owned by Caps fan George Pappafotis, which he won in a silent auction.

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